Over the years we tested a lot of E Bikes but there was never any bike that truly stole our team's heart. It took us a while to figure out what kind of bike we want to make for NS.

We ask ourselves what makes an e-bikes great.

Well, if we put the motor on the side for a moment, it all comes down to the bike's geometry and suspension, and these are the main points that we focused on. We looked for a geometry that works best on a motor assisted bike – and that's one that is not necessarily the same as on our “analog” products.

The geometry must be complemented by suspension that works perfectly on a bike that is inherently heavier than a normal MTB, and the tires, brakes and cockpit all need to have more of a “moto” character. Back to the motor: there are no “bad” drive units on the market these days. What we think is critical for our customers is reliability and easily accessible service if something goes wrong. That's why we chose to work with the Shimano. We believe that they have similar values as we do and excellent customer service all over the world. Although it's been around for a while, we really like the E7000 motor from Shimano.

One of the key things we noticed is that the NS crew doesn't dig wimpy rides. So, we made sure that the E-Fine is a big, burly machine. It's fitted with the excellent SRAM 35 Gold RL fork, a coil shock nd aggressive tires. Also, to make sure everyone could feel comfortable on the E-Fine we included an option to adjust the heigh of the BB to suit personal preferences.

NS E-Fine 1 - M

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